About Me

I am a member of the Teetl’it Gwich’in First Nation born in the Western Arctic of Northern Canada.  I was raised within my large and extended Teetl’it Gwich’in maternal families of both Vittrekwa (Don’t Cry/Esau) and Alexie (Martin/Sha un Nakhya).

I like to describe that I am a aspiring beadworker and traditional arts practitioner. I love to bead and sew, spend time with family and my ancestral lands, and weave stories of my culture.  Shinli’ Niintaih in my peoples language means strong hands or my hands are getting strong. I gravitate to this concept because of my life-long interest to learning. Also by making things drawn from my homelands and culture. To me, it is important to stay grounded and to know that to be a strong person starts with your hands. So this blog and many other things that I am invested in begins with the understanding around the concept of Shinli’ Niintaih.

I hold a graduate degree in Political Science from the University of Victoria.  I have a loving partner/husband named Adam and we both live with our Daisy cat on the beautiful prairies of Treaty 6 and Metis homelands in Alberta, Canada.

My blog is about my journey in exploring expressions of my culture, of love, towards healing, elements of decolonization, and for self empowerment.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. It is so beautiful to read about your work and “making”! I’ve been reading my neice’s dissertation – Making Histories and Narrating Things: Histories of Handmade Objects in Two Indigenous Communities. All about making – objects and story. I’ve been thinking of you as I read….

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