Today I turned 24.

In my life this far I have struggled with identity.

With culture.

With being Haida.

With being mixed.

With ignorant individuals, racism and hate.

This blog is not easy to write. But today, I feel like it is necessary. This story is personal, to me, to my family and to my Nation. So please respect it enough to let me share my truth, my journey and hopefully to make you evaluate your own beliefs.

Lazy, stupid, chug, squaw, Indian, apple, addicted, used, “they get everything for free”, “get over it”, “it’s not my fault”, “get a job”, useless, ugly, drunken Indian, “that’s in the past”

I thought about listing our facts for you to read about past and current injustices against Aboriginal peoples.

Instead I am going to share my story and the story of my family.

This is hard and this is personal.

I hope…

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